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Current Characters: None, previously Rung.

Canon: Transformers IDW (Drift Mini Series)
Canon Point: Just after his death
Age: A few million.

omg. He has a wiki page. That should work. =3

Personality: Wing is a bit of an idealist and optimist, but then he has right to be, he's been a part of building a utopian society while the rest of his kind and his home planet have been torn apart by civil war. He sees helping others as the greatest thing someone can aspire to. As a knight he's not afraid to fight, but fighting isn't a first solution for him, and even if pushed to fight he will try to refrain from harming or killing unless he just has no other options.

He's also a bit of a rebel. He follows much of what the Circle of Light has set in place, it's forbidden to use a gun, for instance, and so he uses short swords (or his Great Sword if the situation calls for it), but leaving New Crystal City is also forbidden. When faced with the choice of obeying or helping others, he'll choose to help, fully aware that if he was found he could die without anyone coming to help him. In other words he’s willing to break the rules to do what he feels is right, but he’s also not reckless about it, aware that breaking rules could hurt others and so he acts as carefully as possible (thus the disguise when first meeting Drift).

He smiles easily, lives to help people, loves life, and is friendly. He's smart, and graceful (never using more force than necessary), and confident without being arrogant. He's trusting...maybe a little more than he should be, but bases that trust on what he sees of people (like trusting that Drift wouldn't try to escape when presented with the challenge to both his beliefs and his abilities to fight someone Drift initially called weak). He's willing to do what needs to be done to protect others, even if that means going to his almost certain death.

Work in exchange for a ride and a second chance at life?  Of course he'll take it!  He'll happily do what he can to help around the ship in any capacity e can.

Wing is a graceful fighter. He's skilled at reading what moves his opponents project, and moves with a finesse that's almost like dancing. He's also skilled with short blades (something between short swords and really long daggers) and carries a Great Sword.

The Great Sword is an artifact of ancient Cybertron that connects with the spark of the wielder. It can be a dangerous weapon to wield, as using the spark can kill the one who holds it, and not all can connect their spark to a Great Sword at all. It's believed that the connection, and the strength the spark gives to the sword is based on the beliefs of the one fighting (i.e. do they believe in what they're fighting for?). 

Aaaand, while never actually seen in canon, by his build and the fact that he's a Cybertronian, it's probably safe to assume he can transform into a small air craft, like a small jet. I keep picturing these: Art 1 and Art 2.

As far as strengths, I'd say he's an amazing fighter, and would make a good guard or soldier.  He does...follow his spark, though.  So while he doesn't have a "problem" with authority per se, if he feels what he's told is wrong, he may find ways around it.  BUT, he'll never intentionally endanger the lives of others. 

As far as weaknesses, he...cares too much?  I don't know, he does get himself killed because he was stupid and watching someone else's fight instead of focusing on his own.

Just his Great Sword and two other energy blades.


Network Sample:
[The feed comes on to show Wing sitting on a cushion in his room.]

Greetings.  I've just arrived here and would like to ask everyone here their take on the situation and the captains.  I've gotten all the information regarding the situation, but everyone has a different view or opinion. 

I'm just looking for a friendly chat and some more information. [Mostly he's just trying to feel out the authority figures here and if they are trustworthy.]

Prose/Action Sample:

Wing stared, in a mixture of horror, concern, delight, and complete awe. At that moment, the fact that he was wrapped in cloth and ropes to hide what he was and that he was certainly where he "shouldn't" be, was the last thing on his mind. He held carefully still, one hand cupped behind the small organic femme as she rested against his palm.

The last four hours had been quite an ordeal for her, to say the least. She and the mech-no, no man. Man and woman, not mech and femme-she and the man beside her had made a hasty landing so she could give birth. He hadn't really known what that meant until now.

Wing had approached the ship as night fell, finding the woman in pain, the source seeming to be her bulging middle. The man had been scrambling around trying to dig out anything that might be of help for his mate. Once the two had been reasonably assured that Wing meant them no harm he was quickly put to work. He hadn't really understood what they'd been telling him.

"She's in labor," the man has said, standing protectively between this giant and his wife. "She's about to have her baby. Please, we don't want any trouble."

Wing wasn't even sure how to ask what they meant, and so he asked instead, "How can I help?"

Now the woman rested back against his hand, a tiny bundle in her arms and a look of exhausted bliss on her face. And now Wing understood. She'd sparked a life, she'd brought a new person into the world, someone she loved with all her spark-heart!-even though she'd only just met him. It warmed Wing's spark, and he knew he would have a hard time getting rid of the huge grin that was hidden in the shadows of his hood, his amber optics a soft golden glow in the moonlight.

How amazing to be part of this. How utterly fascinating, and miraculous, to see a life come to be. And he was probably one of the lucky few of his kind to not only be witness to such an event, but part of it! His spark thrilled, even as he found himself still concerned for the woman.

"Does he have a name?" Wing asked softly.

The woman looked thoughtful as she studied the tiny face peeking from the blanket, a piece of cloth Wing had torn from a corner of his cape. Finally her smile grew and she looked up at Wing, meeting his gaze. "I think I would like to name him Wing, so he'll always remember the angel who came to help him."

Wing let out a startled buzz, flustered and honored, a warmth flushing through his spark and into his body. His fans were forced to work just a little harder to keep his structure cool. "I'm no angel. Just someone who believes in helping those in need."

"That's what angels are, Wing, people who care for those in need. May I name my son after you?"

Wing felt his grin return, that pulse of warmth flush through him again. His spark soared. This is what life was about, this is what he was meant to do. He knew he broke the rules, defied the wishes of the Circle of Light to even be here, but deep down he knew it was right and no one would ever convince him otherwise. With a soft voice, full of static, he simply answered, "I would be honored."
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This is Wing.  Sorry I missed you.  If you want me to call you back, please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  Have a good day, friend.

[Open to text, voice, or video]

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Dec. 19th, 2014 03:39 pm
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Character Information
Character Name: Wing
Fandom: Transformers IDW

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May. 9th, 2014 05:58 pm
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How's My Driving?
Do you have feedback or critique on how I play Wing? This is the place to give it! Also if you could provide links to examples with any critique, that would be excellent, since it'll help me identify (and improve!) the issue.

Sorry.  I won't bite unless you bite at me first.  This setting is to make sure this stays civil and to spare me some stress.  People are far too prone to attack when they can hide who they are.  Don't attack, discuss!  I'm an open and understanding person, even if we may disagree in the end.


If you'd like to talk in slightly easier but still private way, you can send a PM!

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Player Information
*Name/Alias: Lunnaei

Character Information
*Character Name: Wing
*Character Canon: IDW Transformers (Drift Spotlight/miniseries)
*Age: Extremely old, though perhaps not as old as others of his kind, still older than most I think.
*Race: Cybertronian
*Timeline/Pull Point: He just died. o,o His end in the Drift miniseries. ;~;

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